Probably, you hear different statements from your relatives, neighbors about Chernobyl.

“High level of radiation is in Chernobyl; no one can go there”. Right?

But, my Chernobyl story is a little bit different.

I was in Ukraine for doing my internship. As usual, I was looking for a new adventure for upcoming weekend. My friend told me that, she went to Chernobyl. I just was surprised, is it possible? Chernobyl? Exclusion zone?

I was told “Yes”!  So, I decided to go there. Because it is going to be a new and unforgettable story for me. I booked my ticket and on 5 August went there.

Now, it is time to give brief information about Chernobyl. I am not going to explain what exactly happened there, more or less everyone has some information about it.

Chernobyl is 139 km far from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. It takes approximately 1 hour 30 or 40 minutes by bus from Kyiv to there.  Ukrainian government cleaned most of the places where foreigners visit in Chernobyl. But, still, some of the places have a high level of radiation, which can hit you when you go there.

First rule: You should wear long sleeves (jacket, shirt) pants, closed shoes and a hat due to the weather. Please, check the weather forecast before going there. If there is rain, you should take a hat or raincoat. If you wear any open type clothing, police are not going to allow you to enter the exclusion zone.

Be sure not to touch anything in the exclusion zone. Actually, your guide will explain everything with small details when you sit on the bus. Again, there is nothing dangerous and horrible like your relatives say.  But, again, you should be careful.

You can take different pictures when you get there. But, there are many police stations where you can’t take any picture of them. If you take any picture of police and police stations, they will take your photo camera’s card and remove everything from there.

Actually, it is prohibited to visit inside of the buildings in Pripyat. But, sometimes you can violate the regulations. But, be sure not to stay there for more than 3 minutes. Because high level of radiation is inside of the buildings which can be dangerous for you.

The places, where you definitely must go: Zalussya, Radar-Duga-1 , Red Forest and Pripyat.

I was told, no one could visit Radar-Duga-1 (Radar-Duga-1 was the Russian Woodpecker) until 2014. (If I am not mistaken). But, after 2014, foreigners can go and visit.

Red forest: When I got there, I thought that, I am going to see the “Red forest”. But, there is no red forest. When a nuclear explosion happened, all the trees changed to red because of radiation. Then, Government cut the forests while cleaning the city from radiation. BTW, you can’t enter the red forest because of high level of radiation. You can check it with dosimeter.

Zalissya: Zalissiya is a small place in Chernobyl. There are many abandoned homes and markets. You can see many dolls, shoes, which people couldn’t take these things, when government evacuated them from there.

And the most important place for everyone, “Pripyat”. We spent 1 hour and 40 minutes there. You should be careful when you get there, be sure not to touch anything in Pripyat, even when you enter the buildings, such us shopping center and swimming pool.

If you have any question, I am ready to answer 🙂