I decided to go to several countries for exploring their history and culture. After thinking a lot, I included “Barcelona” and “Hungary” to my trip list.

“Barcelona” always was an attractive city for me.  I had different and interesting expectations from there.

As a beginning of the trip, I booked an apartment in Terrassa. Terrassa is 30 km far from Barcelona. You should catch S1 and R4 train lines for going there.

Every day I went to Barcelona with these trains. I visited different historical places and took many pictures. Everything was normal until that dayl. Who can say that, “tomorrow you are going to face with terror attack?”

It was a last day in Barcelona so I decided to go to the Barcelona beach.  You should pass “La Ramblas” street for going there. When I arrived “La Ramblas”, I saw many polices there.  During 7 days of my trip every day I passed through this street but I didn’t see many polices.

“La Ramblas” is an overcrowded street of Barcelona.  You can see many tourists there. Even you can’t walk very fats because of that overcrowd situation. I always read news about terror attacks such as Brussel, London etc and tried to support people by Twitter, Facebook. I never realized that, one day I will face with the same situation but in foreign country.

On 17 August, I just walked on this street and went to the beach. After 30 minutes of walking that street I realized that many people were watching news on Tv and it showed something is happening in Barcelona. I went there but didn’t understand anything. Because, I don’t know Spanish language. Suddenly one foreigner told me that “Oh my God, I was on that street 2 hours ago” and I asked what is going on there? He said: “A deadly van-ramming attack happened there”.  13 people died, 100 people injured..

I didn’t know what to do.. Should I be happy that, I passed this street 30 minutes early or what? Or what about injured and died people? People were running barefoot, everyone was in the panic. Suddenly, everyone started running very fast. I just was shocked and started running with these people. All   roads and metro stations were. It was impossible to find a way for going back home. Spanish police used 2 languages for explaining the situation. They were very kindly. Every tourist and local people asked bunch of questions Spanish Polices. They explained everything with small details.

People tried to help each other. They offered their home to people who couldn’t go their home.  Even they offered free foods and waters to tourists and local people.

The bad thing was, most of my friends and my family members knew that, I was in Barcelona. I didn’t except anything when I left apartment. I didn’t take my charger. Suddenly my phone’s battery died.

I knew that, everyone was messaging me after reading this Barcelona terror attack. But, what could I do? I couldn’t go home. I found one small market and went there.  I faced with one woman and asked that: “When metro stations are going to open? Do you have any information?”. Woman replied:

“We are here almost 4 hours. The accident happened next to me and I was shocked. Firstly, I thought that, it is just a small car accident. Then I realized that, it is not a car accident, it is a terror attack. They were seven terrorists. Police arrested six of them. They are looking for another terrorist. I am still waiting for my husband. I don’t know where he is.”

 After saying goodbye to this woman, I didn’t know where can I go. Because, everywhere was closed. I knew that, everyone concerned about me. I went back and started waiting a new thing. When metro stations are going to be opened? People couldn’t go their home. Everyone was sitting on the street. People were sleeping, someone was eating.  Finally found a way for going back home. When I got home I started messaging my all friends and family members that “I am alive and safe”.

After the terror attack, I left Barcelona. Still have different questions.

“Should I be happy that, “I left the street 30 minutes early”?

What would be happen if I went there 30 minutes later?

Or should I be so upset for people who died and injured?

Can’t find real answers.